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Barbara Ray

What We’ve Learned About Digital Media & Learning

We kick off a series of conversations with thought leaders on how the field of digital media and learning has changed over time, and where it’s headed.


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Sarah Jackson

Six Years of Coverage on Digital Media and Learning

After six years of publishing, Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning will cease blogging regularly as of today. We take a look back and a look at what’s to come in 2013 and beyond.


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Kelsey Herron

GameDesk Opens New PlayMaker School in Los Angeles

Can you imagine being in middle school, waking up each morning knowing that it’s not classic arithmetic and social studies lessons that await, but rather a day of flight simulation and filmmaking?


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Kelsey Herron

Why Maybe You Don’t Have to Worry About ‘Information Overload’ After All

Researchers find that the infamous “information overload” may be less of a reality than previously imagined. Plus, why teaching digital literacy skills can help.


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Kelsey Herron

More Districts Go BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Innovative teachers and administrators are increasingly encouraging mobile learning in the classroom.


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Sarah Jackson

Learning How the Web Works

Wondering how to teach computer literacy? I found some inspiration for the new school year in this video from the New Learning Institute about a week-long summer camp called Design, Art and Code.


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Christine Cupaiuolo

For the Oh Family, Back to School Involves Changing Time Zones - and Planets

Getting on a school schedule can be a tough adjustment for any kid. But what if you’ve spent the past month living on Mars time?


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Kelsey Herron

The Catch-22 of Digital Literacy

In educating tomorrow’s workforce, how do we make sure everyone has a chance to leap the digital literacy divide? The Atlantic examines how to demonstrate the value of digital literacy to those who aren’t digitally literate.


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Christine Cupaiuolo

Understanding Connections Between Digital Literacies and Web Literacies

When we talk about the skills and knowledge students need to negotiate a digital-savvy world, the discussion is often framed around “new literacies.” Understanding how they relate to one another can be trickier. Plus, a look at the work DML Competition winners are doing to produce digital badges.
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Digital Media & Learning Rollcall

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After 6 years we'll be ending publication in 2013, here's a look back at how far we've come:

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