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6.12.07 | As described in the post by Jonathan Fanton, the MacArthur Foundation will be hosting an event in Second Life on June 22nd.  The page you are now reading will continue to be updated with the latest information for attendees, press, and the broader community.  Bookmark at your convenience.

Directions: (subject to update)

  • June 22, 8am PDT/11am EDT: pre-event music, networking
  • June 22, 9am PDT/12pm EDT: event begins.  To join in Second Life, teleport to the event space; if we’re beyond capacity, try overflow#1 or overflow#2.  For standard internet users, try a webcast
  • June 22, 10am PDT/1pm EDT: post-event reception with MacArthur staff
  • Sign up to hear future updates about MacArthur’s digital media and learning work.
  • More to come with help from our partners at the USC project on public diplomacy and virtual worlds...


** UPDATE:  A full event summary is now available, as of June 28, 2007.

Hope to see you there!


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Picture of Jonathan Goldford
Jonathan Goldford


Some of us at United Way of America are really interested in this meeting and want to know more details of the location of the event and the specific issues being discussed.  Thank you.

Picture of Benjamin_Stokes


Per the question above, event details will be posted on this page—we promise!  We may hold off until a few hours before the event because the space in Second Life is under last-minute construction.  Thank you for your patience.

As for the specific issues to be discussed, the post by Jonathan Fanton linked to at the top of this page provides a good overview.  The format will be more of a discussion between Jonathan and Philip than a presentation, so we cannot post a detailed outline in advance.  During the one-hour presentation, substantial time and energy will be devoted to taking questions from the audience.

Picture of Benjamin_Stokes


(See above—we’ve updated the details for the event to include teleport links and a likely webcast URL.)

Picture of Laurie Entrekin
Laurie Entrekin (American Cancer Society)


My colleague and I had some connectivity issues and weren’t able to make the meeting today. Is there any way to get a recap of the event? Thank you.


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