Spotlight—New and Improved!

Filed by Connie Yowell


9.8.09 | Welcome to the expanded Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning. Today we launch a new feature, Behind the Research, which is designed to showcase projects in the emerging field of Digital Media and Learning.

We’re excited to be offering this biweekly feature, which opens with a story on a new space in the Chicago Public Library—YouMedia—where teens can “hang out, mess around, and geek out” with traditional and new media. The space is designed with Mimi Ito and colleagues’ seminal research in mind. The teens are excited about the space, and in the first month have been doing some very creative work mixing and remixing old and new media.

Scrolling down, you’ll notice three “Additional Perspectives.” These stories consider ideas raised in the feature story from the different perspectives of educators, museum directors, kids, and many others. They’ll offer added insights and questions to inform and inspire discussion of the topic at hand.

Together, we hope the package of stories gives you a big-picture introduction to a concept, idea, or innovation that the field is tackling. Each topic and its related stories will also help to showcase the trends and ideas in this emerging field of digital media and learning.

Rounding out the package, the blog will continue as a forum to describe and discuss ongoing work, seek input from others in the field, and make connections among projects. We encourage you to join the unfolding conversation. At times, Spotlight staff will report on the happenings, but more often, you will hear directly from those engaged in advancing and exploring the field of digital media and learning. 

We encourage your feedback on this new approach. Feel free to comment and discuss. In a few weeks, we’ll post a survey for more detailed feedback.



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