Katie Salen on Game Design and Learning


6.14.10 | Quest2Learn’s Katie Salen talks with fellow game designer Nichole Pinkard, founder of the Chicago-based afterschool program Digital Youth Network, about the philosophy behind Quest2Learn and how game design can be applied to learning in the classroom.


Picture of Kes Sampanthar
Kes Sampanthar (Albany, NY)


I am a huge fan of Katie’s work and I love that she has taken her deep knowledge of games and used it to design a school. In my work on motivational design I have also taken my knowledge of game design and human psychology and started using it to create systems for other consumer products and also work environments. My latest research is in how to use this to rethink education.
Here is a link to a TEDx talk I did on motivational design: http://bit.ly/ajIzlg


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