Remixing Libraries—New Teen Space Integrates Digital with Books


9.8.09 | “YOUmedia could be the beginning of rethinking young people’s use of digital media in libraries,” says MacArthur Foundation’s Connie Yowell.

Watch the video on this new digital media space devoted to teens at the Chicago Public Library. 




Picture of James Decker
James Decker (San Francisco, CA)


There’s so much effort to say “whole new way” when what’s really happening is that new media extends (certainly it does not replace) interactions with print media. The big transformation here is that media can now be collaborative and that means informal learning (always important) is now a factor that curriculum designers must anticipate.

Kudos to the City of Chicago for embracing these opportunities *outside* the academy.

Picture of Larry Goldberg
Larry Goldberg (Boston, MA)


Sure would be nice if you closed captioned your online videos so that your message and information could be as inclusive as possible.

Need info on how? Get in touch with me at the e-mail I posted privately.

... Larry ...

Picture of Daniel Poynter
Daniel Poynter (Indianapolis, IN)


Cool video—keep up the good work. =)


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